CEO & Head of Operations (Owners) was faced with turnover of key staff, including a principal architect.  They were frustrated and tired, and wanted to retain the team and maintain revenue/profitability.


Met with key employees and at-risk team members.  Found that turnover was a result of inefficiencies in operations, culture and performance issues on the team and a gap in leadership skills.  Set up regular coaching of CEO and Head of Operations, where we evaluated processes, structure and leadership.


OnPoint worked with owners and key leaders to prioritize the work. We defined objectives and built a plan.  I coached the CEO and Head of Operations for individual leadership development and shadow consulted their business improvement.  We developed a plan with priorities for technology improvement, role clarity for staff, and improved workflow, leadership and culture.


We partnered with them to evaluate talent in organization and established clear job expectations.  We refined their Employee handbook to align with company desired culture and focused on defining roles, hiring key leaders and aligning teams and work duties.  Built processes and implemented fixes to clean up enterprise software reporting and back office.  Established business goals and reporting for the company and helped them outsource CFO level duties.   We continue to serve as their fractional HR business partner, coaching, and partner with them for Human Resources and Operations projects as needed.