The head of the Governance committee called and shared concerns about Leadership of their organization.  What started out as a small practice with a handful of Radiology Doctors had grown to a consensus driven partnership with 33 members.  The practice portion of the partnership had recently been bought so there were also structure and governance issues as there were now two parts of the organization, a technical company, and a doctor practice.  Furthermore, there were culture and leadership issues due to a lack of clear structure, roles, and decision-making authority.  The organization fostered significant trust issues among the partners.


The plan was to help them restructure and create clear decision-making authority and transition them to a performance-based culture.  This required significant relationship building, both with the partners as well as with their stakeholders—the purchasing company and the Hospital network they served.


We evaluated the practice and talked with many of the doctors and administration.  We developed two project teams; one focused on the governance structure and another focused on developing the metrics, processes and desired outcomes to become a full performance-based practice.


Through significant relationship, project management and collaboration, we transitioned their structure, developed new board governance, changed their charter and bylaws, held new elections and established a Doctor-led Leadership Counsel, and management structure in the specialty areas.  Along the way, we managed communication and gained buy-in from the stakeholders, doctors and administration, resulting in a unanimous vote to move to the new structure and pay-for-performance rewards.  A CEO was hired and the doctors lead the Board and Leadership team.