A Founder-owned private education company needed help with Leadership team alignment and CEO effectiveness. Asked for assistance integrating new leadership and assisting with structure and operations issues.

To begin, we met with the CEO and Head of HR for the holding company. Discerned that new private Education CEO is only third CEO in 22 years and prior CEO is now CEO of holding company. The new private education CEO started two months prior to COVID-19 onset in Arizona.


Developed executive team assessment that included operational, leadership, and culture questions. Ensured confidentiality in the process. Met with each member of the Leadership team individually, being careful to build trust in the introduction and 1:1 meetings.


After meeting all 7 members, including the prior and current CEO, we developed a summary of findings. This included full SWOT analysis of team, operations, leadership, structure and culture. Developed slate of recommendations from restructure, role clarification, priorities for operations improvements, and talent changes.


Advised for company restructure and role definition, and established plan execute changes. Held executive team debrief to share findings, engaged them in prioritizing recommendations and in establishing ongoing improvements and management of operations. Continued with strategy and goal planning for organization.