Case Study: Private Education Company

2021-03-26T09:45:52-07:00Case Studies|

Assessment: A Founder-owned private education company needed help with Leadership team alignment and CEO effectiveness. Asked for assistance integrating new leadership and assisting with structure and operations issues. To begin, we met with the CEO and Head of HR for the holding company. Discerned that new private Education CEO is only third CEO in 22 [...]

Case Study: Human Resource Strategy and Infrastructure for and Energy and Gas Start Up

2021-03-26T09:45:45-07:00Case Studies|

Assessment: The General Counsel and Board Chairman needed help to transition the team from a former company, which was shut down, in order to build a new startup enterprise. Plan: We worked with the Compensation Committee and Board to establish Total Rewards strategy and outline CEO employment agreement and c-suite contracts. Under very tight timelines, [...]

Case Study: Partnership Issues in Insurance Company

2021-03-26T09:45:29-07:00Case Studies|

Assessment: One of the key partners called me, heavily concerned with partnership dysfunction that was impeding their financial future and affecting their friendship and ability to work together. Plan: It was clear that the key partners and stakeholders in the company had a dysfunctional relationship due to their differing perspectives. The company needed to have [...]