Services & Skillsets

OnPoint provides businesses with consulting and strategic development in CEO-Level leadership, Operations Effectiveness, and tactical HR. Due to OnPoint’s extensive leadership expertise, we have the resources to identify, correct, and streamline systems and processes to produce the highest results possible.

OnPoint partners with CEOs and Board and Directors looking for game-changing strategies. For every business, we develop a distinctive plan that addresses specific goals and objectives.

Center of Excellence

Your Virtual Chief Officer


We assess your company’s individual set of circumstances to transform your business and cultivate winning strategies.

  • Restructure & Growth Planning
  • Executive Coaching & Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning & Business Process Design

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HR & Rewards

We evaluate your human resource function to pinpoint areas of focus and risk. We provide strategic or project based HR expertise.

  • System Implementation

  • Benefits & Total Rewards Design

  • System Implementation

  • Executive Contracts & Compensation

  • Employee Relations & Leave Policies

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Executive Coaching

We work with CEOs and their leadership teams to assess talent, create alignment, define roles, goals and outcomes. We coach executives to be stronger leaders who achieve results and engage teams that excel at meeting the needs of the business.

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Growth Advisors

  • Advisory Boards

  • Woman’s Power Up

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PowerUp for Women Executives

OnPoint’s program for women CEOs and executives, called PowerUp, provides a supportive community tailored to their needs and goals. Through virtual sessions led by industry-leading speakers, participants can freely express themselves, develop skills, and achieve business and leadership goals. In a cooperative learning model, they share experiences, support each other, and receive helpful tools to advance their careers.

Some topics we’ll cover include:

  • Strategy wins

  • Power up your presence

  • Attain game-changing results

  • Preparing for the Next Level

  • How to be the leader others want to follow

Monthly Executive Roundtables for Phoenix-area C-Suite executives

AZ Growth Advisors provides a unique opportunity to connect with a group of your peers, a team of accomplished business leaders, and to obtain valuable resources for reaching your growth goals. These unique roundtable discussions bring together business leaders to share stories, solve unique challenges and support one another throughout the year.

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Advisory Boards

Board Developer specializes in assembling advisory boards and boards of directors to provide organizations with access to a broad range of services and advisors to attain desired growth.

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Partner With Us

OnPoint partners with CEOs and Boards that know their business. We step in to further your business strengths, fill gaps and mitigate risks to ensure growth. For every business, we develop a plan that addresses goals and objectives. Could your business benefit from the insight of experts? Partner with DeeAnn Palin and OnPoint Business Solutions to improve any aspect of your operations.

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