Executive Coaching

DeeAnn Palin and OnPoint Business Solutions recognizes that great leaders are cultivated through experience in the trenches, coupled with strategic skill-building and self-awareness. OnPoint fosters personal development by setting goals, that leverage your work experiences to shape and sharpen your leadership skills.

With many years in senior operations and HR roles, these sessions go above and beyond the “normal” coaching format. In each session, you will receive expert advice on the specific issues you are facing, and come away with actionable items that you can immediately implement.

OnPoint also provides group and team coaching within companies or for executives across industries.

Group Coaching Sessions

During one-on-one coaching sessions, OnPoint Business Solutions sets out to equip you with a versatile skill set that applies to all aspects of leadership. You will get the chance to work with your own consultant throughout the process to ensure you always work through the perspective of your personal and professional goals.

Strategy Wins

As an influential figure within an organization, facilitating employees’ growth and improvement is as paramount as your continual development. When you work with us, we develop a leadership strategy that addresses your organizational and professional needs.

Communicate With Intent

A key component of achieving a leadership style that is effective and comfortable for you is communicating with intent. Tone, word choice, and timing truly matter. To flourish as a leader, OnPoint helps you overcome communication weaknesses and build on your strengths.

Attain Game-Changing Results & Navigate Your Landscape

The goal of executive coaching is to produce results. OnPoint will work with you to define your goals as a leader, and create frameworks that will help you excel.

Build Your Board

A successful Board of Directors flourishes under specific guidelines, strategic membership, and a set of shared values. Learn how to build your Board for long-term success and cooperation.

Flourish in Purpose-Driven Leadership

What motivates most business leaders? Purpose. If you are currently not satisfied with your current role and responsibilities, being effective can be challenging. OnPoint will help you discover what matters most to you, and how to integrate that into your current leadership approach.

Lead With Grit & Grace

A powerful combination – grit and grace are essential to effective leadership. Leading with grit requires you to push through internal and market challenges with laser-sharp plans and strategies. Leading with grace requires you to lead with others’ interest in mind, and with selflessness and high emotional intelligence.

Partner With Us

Is your business in need of a leadership overhaul? Or do you want to finetune your own leadership skills?

Partner with OnPoint Business Solutions to improve the most important element of long-term growth and success: strong leadership.

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