Tools We Use

With the right combination of tools and expertise, your business can achieve continuous growth and sustainable success. Through a hybrid of strategic inquiry, assessment, and business savvy, we find and target opportunities and sometimes overlooked inefficiencies with intent. At OnPoint Business Solutions, we deploy many tools to target leadership growth, business process and culture improvement.

Coaching & Development Tools

Leadership Assessments including DISC, Predictive Index, EQ, Culture Index

360 Interviews and Feedback Processes

Group and Individual Coaching

Strategy Sessions & Team Building

HR Audit

Competency Modeling

Skill Development

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Understand how to incorporate nuance and care into business communications to produce the desired outcome.

Change Management Best Practices

Assess current best practices and align them with business goals.

Hiring for Right Fit

Define company culture, role requirements, and expand your search with technology.

Performance Management

Implement controls and metrics to measure and manage performance.

Handling Difficult Conversations

Improve communication and resonance when handling difficult situations in the workplace.

Stress Management

Tools to encourage a work-life balance that keeps stress at a healthy level.

Process Improvement

Determine procedures that are unnecessary or wasteful to streamline your operations.

Developing High Performing Teams

Attract top talent and retain high performing teams through incentives and outreach methods.

Leadership Fundamentals

Knowledge building on core aspects of effective and sustainable leadership to inspire your teams to perform.

Conflict Management

Enhance group outcomes by understanding conflict management fundamentals that can keep tension at bay, even in times of strife.

Time Management

Incorporate organizational techniques to streamline time management and optimize productivity.

Compliance Training

Training centered on topics such as: Harassment, Discrimination, and Leave Management.

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Does your business require operations or culture improvement, leadership coaching or development? OnPoint Business Solutions offers a comprehensive set of tools that can address concerns and inefficiencies. Boost your productivity, talent-retention, leadership efficacy, and business growth by partnering with us.

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